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May : New Cards

Mays batch of cards was a very interesting bunch. It included 2 new Elite cards, one Blue/Green Monster with a funky item generation skill and a new Red/Yellow Elite Item which in the hands of Fox Girl is a truly terrifying sight to behold.
Aside from that there was some cool new items including a new Magic Reflect Item, and a Spell which destroys ALL enemy equipment. As far as monsters there were some clear winners and some usual dud monsters. The Ceberus is my personal favorite monster in the batch.
Below you will find a couple of things, a slide show with all new cards and images of new abilities, and also a quick look at the 2 new elite items. Which will include a gallery of all the 'Magic Missile' spell cards the new Elite Monster can give you.

Mays Cards and New Skills (shows upper level stats)

May Madness- Sue gets a friend and more

This item is a creation of pure evil and filth. It is a brutal melee weapon and a really nice addition to the game as the second Elite Item. It has a new skill which add X to each of your monsters melee attack values, where X is the number of monsters you have on the board. Not to mention it gives reach in Red and barrage in Yellow, plus 3 melee attack, 3 ranged attack and all for 3 mana.
The potential for damage when this item is used on Fox Girl is just staggering with the new skill and the fact Fox Girl attacks twice with all damage types. That means 4 attacks(2 melee + 2 ranged).

Elite Item: Sacred Weapon: "Omniweapon" [R/Y]

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This guy looks very cool, not only can he be played with Sue adding more options for Blue and Green decks in the near future, but he has an interesting couple of skills. One being a skill that generates Magic Missiles (a set of random spell cards) each turn and the second is a super ranged damage skill making archers always hits and ignore armor. We have included a list of his 7 magic missile spell cards which are all 2 cost except for one which is 4 cost and seem very cool. All will be interesting to see in use.

Elite Monster: Magic Shooter Max [B/G]


Magic Shooter Max's Magic Missile Cards