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April 2019 – WorldWide falls to Hello in Purge week. WorldWideR breaks Top 10 guilds in CM! WorldWide posted an impressive 3972 points in the Guild War on April 6 but was outmaneuvered by Hello who posted a whopping 4377 out of 5000 maximum points, setting a new World Record. WorldWide is on a quest for vengence… Meanwhile, WorldWideR made two major milestones at once in the Guild War on 20 April. First, set a new personal record of 1133 points, passing 1k for the first time in guild history. And Second, breaking into the Top 10 highest ranked guilds, finishing 9th ahead of ItaliaTop and behind Inferno. WWR’s best finish previously was 11th the week prior. As a result of this success, WWR was admitted into the Black Flag’s Alliance, the Alliance of the top guilds in all of CM!   -by Sissox/Milsox

Purge Week - where records are smashed...

WW HQ's month at a glance - April 2019

We are so excited here at WorldWide HQ to announce the launch of our new website. This has been a project in the works from the leadership team at WW for a while now. It is a one stop shop for all things Card Monsters and also WorldWide related as well. Due to the relationship with staff at Mu77, our contact forms section will allow you to lodge bugs, errors, suggestions that will be passed on to devs.
This site will contatin things like: guides, tips, new cards, deck builds, card analysis, a video section, news relating to the game and WorldWide HQ as a whole. Plus much more.
We are really interested in your feedback and suggestions so there will be a seperate form where you can have a voice or contact one of our members.


The one-stop shop for all things Card Monsters.

New website is launched.

March 2019 – WorldWide sets Guild Score Record! WorldWideR under new leadership. In the Guild War on March 2, WorldWide set a new Guild Score record of 3154 points, shattering Darksiders old record of 2899 set on the second ever week of Guild Wars/Battleground. Meanwhile, Polkadope posted a new PR of 2486. Worldwide continues to set the bar higher and higher. Bones has appointed Milo and Sissox as Co-leaders of WorldWideR. When asked what their plan was going forward to advance the Guild they stared back blankly.  -by Sissox/Milsox

WorldWide becomes record holders.

WW HQ's month at a glance - March 2019