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Card Stats


Fog Lights have a lot of really good qualities and usages. But it also has some key weaknesses. Fog's toxic fog skill is great for many decks to deal with troublesome skills and to lay down poison/disease damage for other monsters to come and kill with 'Outbreak'.
But like most cards it has weaknesses, for one it is very easiy killed with the use of the skill 'Contempt' from cards such as Vlad, Green Dragon, Murble, Dragon Helm because of its cost being 2. This means contempt instantly kills Fog regardless of items or HP status. Another weakness of Fog is the fact it does not do any direct damage without an item and also has fairly low max HP at 9.
Overall Fog is a really great card, last thing I want to add is to Use Items! Fog goes from a mere pest to kill to a tank or a killing machine with the right item equipped onto him.

Bones' Thoughts

Strategy and Usage Tips

Card Corner #1: Fog Lights

Fog Lights - Player Point of View (Players POV)

Fog is a legendary card best suited for perfect defense. The cards fog ability allows for a single strike before activating, preventing the next strike of damage. In addition this card also poisons, preventing abilities from activating such as inspire and reflect. With no means of attack, this card is best used when armor is applied as a front defender and is a great addition to any starter deck focusing on defense. Contempt, an ability that removes all two (2) cost cards or less, is the only thing that really stops Fog in its tracks. More commonly used in Poison and Magic decks, this card is a must have if you plan to play defensively.

Taelius (WW & WWR Elite) -

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The Basics:

NAME:  Fog Lights
FACTION/COLOR(S):  Nature/Green
RARITY:  Legendary
COST:  2
SKILLS:  Fog, Disease, Toxic Fog


Skills Breakdown:


This is a real pain of a skill for alot of decks. It means fog is immune to every second round of damage. Which when coupled with armor can make him very hard to eliminate.


Toxic Fog:
This is a great skill for neutralising skills like Trickery, Magic Reflect, Inspire as it applies 2 Disease counters on all enemy opponents at the beginning of your battle phase.


As mentioned above, disease is a great way to block some really annoying skills but is also are very useful damage source for decks that utilize the 'Outbreak' skill to detonate disease counters as damage.

Hello this is ROYaL_F3AR in game. Here's my intake on fog. He's one of the best defensive cards in the game. When hit he gets a barrier an can take the next monster hit unless that monster has overpowering eye which only one monster has the elite frog. At the start of fogs turn right before battle phase he posion's all opponent's monster which is great if they have magic reflect or trickery slows down blue an dice decks in general. Biggest flaw don't have no attack but paired with right equipment or monsters he can be deadly. Sue for example plus one magic attack each turn permanently. So if use magic amp of any kind fog gets boosted as well. Main focus on fog is too either use him for defense or use him to slow down your opponent great card in my opinion. I highly recommend him in blue or poison deck's.

Royal_Gambit/ROYaL_F3AR (WW Elite) -

Fog Lights (called by the players "FOG") is a green monster with 9 HP, zero attack and 3 main abilities: Fog, Toxic Fog and Disease.

Players usually use this card together with SnowWhite, Allie and Demon Armor , but it is very common to see FOG also in the CalamiSue deck.

In the purple FOG decks it is mainly used to poison all the opponent's monsters and then kill them with purple-Allie's special ability .

In the blue decks FOG become a core card because it allows you to remove all the magical reflexes of the opposing monsters in just one turn, which are the main counter for wizards.

Snowball (WW Officer) -

It is very important to remember that FOG is also a great defensive monster: with CityGuard he can reach 10HP and if he is equipped with Noble's Gold Armor no red monster can kill him in one shot.

Without shields he can be killed directly by Wolf Detonator or by a combo of more cards (like Night thief +Battle Axe )
A great way to use FOG against red decks is to use it in SLOT 2 while you have a Calamity (with few HP) in SLOT1: the enemy will try to take advantage of the low life of Calamity to kill it and do damage with Trample, FOG will suffer a slight damage but will become immune to the second blow (Thanks to the “Fog” ability). This is a great way to limit the damage that Foxy + Trampling Boots can do.
As previously mentioned, the "fog" ability allows FOG to become immune to attacks after being hit first. This, in addition to the 9( or 10)HP, makes him very very bulky.Often the purple monsters make 2 attacks: with Random Damage and Melee Attack. Thanks to his “Fog” ability he can take damage from the dice and avoid the high damage of the Melee attack.

The Toxic Fog ability also becomes essential against the yellow decks: it can neutralize Shot Commands and Trickery.It is very important to remember that when the opponent's monsters are poisoned they cannot cure their HP: they will remove part of the poisoning. This is a great way to stop Nin-colored Stag, Guardian of the Forest.Thanks to Toxic Fog, you can also neutralize Inspire on cards like DarkElf, Ebon Helm, Helm of Sun.

FOG become an essential card if the opponent uses "immuno-Kasper" (Kasper, the Black King + Plague Armor / Glorious Armor / Chain Mail). In this case, if possible, I recommend using FOG as the last card and therefore not wasting it unnecessarily by putting it in the field.

The opponent knows this thing well, so they will try to kill him as soon as possible.I personally believe that FOG is a very undervalued and very strong card. It can be used to tank, to block magical reflexes, to prevent boost attacks, to prevent trickery. Some players use 2 FOGs in their decks in case the first one dies.Other players use Demon Armor on FOG, both to increase his defense, and because thanks to Menace he can damage opponents and do extra damage with Outbreak.

FOG can be a great card to start the match, especially if you equip it with some armor. I believe his biggest flaw is that he has absolutely no attack. Without the support of Sharkmen Queen Sue he cannot do any direct damage.

Fun fact: Fog Light is Snowball's favorite card and he firmly believes he is the strongest card in the game. Many players are aware of this fact and often make fun of it, but his love for that card will never die.

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