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WorldWide and WorldWideR have both gone through some management and promotions this month as well as hitting personal bests in both guilds. WorldWideR made Top10 finish in Guild Wars cementing themselves are a true 'up and coming guild'! Exciting times for WW HQ....

May Madness. We have one new Elite Monster and our second ever elite item added to the card pool this month. There are some new good looking cards, like a nice magic reflect and and outbreak chase beast known as the ‘Cerberus’. Let's explore these new cards further.…

April Ranked Arena Season has come to a close, so we will showcase a selection of deck builds and new twists to old builds that made the Top100 in April 2019, April saw the addition of the first Elite item, Demon Armor, and a nice Purple/Yellow Elite monster known as Nobu.

WorldWide HQ comprises WorldWide and WorldWideR guilds in the game Card Monsters: 3 minute duels. WorldWide has been a top3 guild in the games guild wars and has branched into other games. Worldwider was created as a second guild, but has now moved into the top 10 and is its own force to be reckoned with. WW HQ prides itself on promoting a family vibe, we are all good friends and love our guild/s. We have a discord you are all welcome to join to hang out and meet the members or just say hi to someone you have seen in game (click the discord icon at the top of page to visit our discord server). Find out more about WorldWide HQ Here....

A few words from the Leader: 

Hi everyone, I’m Bones. I am the Leader of WorldWide HQ and the Leader of WorldWide guild itself in Card Monsters, and an Officer in our Idle Heroes WorldWide guild (more info on Idle Heroes guild onabout page). It’s been a long and fun road with WorldWide and now WorldWideR, I am also the Community Manager of the games Official Discord Server and have been playing Card Monsters since the games Beta stage and have always loved it. The connection we have with the Mu77 team (developers of Card Monsters) means that this website will not only be a one stop shop for all things Card Monsters, it will also be a place to lodge bugs, errors, suggestions and more for Card Monsters. I’m an Australian so be warned I may seem a little crazy sometimes, but I blame the heat…. :D


This time we look at:
Fog Lights

  • Green
  • Legendary
  • Monster
  • 2 cost
  • No enhancement


WorldWide Key Ring ! 


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